OS X: Time Machine preventive maintenance

It was one of those moment when many things went wrong and the only way out was to restore the entire Mac from the Time Machine backup. But, before starting the process, I ran a file system check and… surprise, the file system was broken and repairs were needed. Several hours later the file system was repaired, the install performed and the machine was up and running without any (visible) problems. But the lesson was learned: Time Machine is great, but disks need some attention.
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C++: Meyers – Move Semantics

scottmeyersphoto Although a bit old, this presentation by Scott Meyers at ACCU 2011 can probably be considered one of the references on this subject. Continue reading “C++: Meyers – Move Semantics” »

C++: Stroustrup – C++11 Style – A Touch of Class

Bjarne StroustrupWith my increasing interest on C++11, this keynote that Bjarne Stroustrup gave at Going Native 2012, was an interesting lecture (fully available on YouTube)
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OS X: How to disable Acrobat as the Safari PDF viewer

Soon after switching to Mac I discovered that one of the myths that I lived with for many years, i.e. that Adobe Acrobat Reader is mandatory in order to view PDF documents, is no longer true.
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How to make Philips DVP3880 zone free

Motion pictures publishers may have their reasons, but DVD region copy protection was always an annoying issue, of little value for users.
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iPod nano USB battery charger

No questions about this, Apple designs are remarkable. Their products look great, are easy to use, and generally work great. The price? Yes, the price is high, but not prohibitively high.

What makes me angry is how they try to monetize even on small details, sometimes by bending the standards.

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Mac OS X: How to install EAGLE as a non-administrator user

There are few EDA programs that run on Mac OS X. One of them is CadSoft EAGLE PCB & Schematic software (v5), but unfortunately the integration with Mac OS X is minimal.

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Mac OS X: Install package with administrative rights

There are some packages that can be properly installed only with administrative rights. If you are like me, and run your account with regular rights, you might face some installation failures with poorly build packages.

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Mac OS X: Startup key combinations

There are moments when even Mac OS X has problems and needs to be started in special configurations.
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Internet history: EUnet Romania – un an de activitate

This is the text of an interview published on the 24th of November 1994 in Comunicații PC, a Romanian IT magazine.